Randy Thomas is known for live announcing The Academy Awards, The Tony’s, The Emmy’s, and also introducing Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Half Time Show. Randy’s spirit is pure gold and she shares her experience of success and failure willingly. If you thought the 2017 Oscar’s La La Land / Moonlight mix up of Best Picture was hard to watch, listen to Randy’s story of how it felt behind the scenes backstage. It was great to sit down and chat with such a warm-hearted, giving person. I’m so grateful to be able to share it with you. To learn more about Randy visit her website at RandyThomasVO.com and check out her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.




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"Amazing how you are inspiring and moving people to get into action and work their dreams. You move mountains, my friend. 
Love you and what you are doing for the world."

- Tesz Millan


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