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Jonathan Tilley was born in Boston, Massachusetts and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre at Ithaca College and a minor in dance at Cornell University. In 1999 he could be seen tap-dancing through Germany in a 6 month touring production of 42nd Street. From there he performed in the German productions of Dance of the Vampires, Cats, another production of 42nd Street, and was Dance Captain for the Stuttgart production of Mamma Mia!.

When he turned 30 he traded in his dancing shoes for a microphone transitioning into the voice over industry. Jonathan has voiced thousands of business narrations, e-learning modules, and commercials for clients like Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Facebook, Google, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Bosch, Philips, WWF, and Unicef.

In 2010 he began coaching fellow creatives on the business side of show business turning his knowledge into online courses like League Of List Builders – the fastest way to structure and strategise your networking outreach so you can book the big gigs with the big wigs and Website Makeover Masterclass – the easiest way to makeover your website into a gorgeous and responsive brand in only 2 weeks without throwing your computer against the wall, not to mention books like this one. His latest book Embrace The F Word: Failure helps creatives whose journeys have been covered with royal rejection learn how to embrace failure with laughter, grit, and self-awareness to guide them and their inner artist to where they were born to be.

7 random things Jonathan loves: fake leather jackets, growing ornamental grasses in his garden, white wine spritzers on hot summer days, building a community of crazy creatives, Laderach chocolate bark, anything Brene Brown has created, and French bulldogs.