Michael and I have worked together for years… but we never knew it. He would shoots for Red Bull (among other amazing clients) and I do voice over for Red Bull. After seeing his imagery on his website I knew I had to reach out and ask him for an interview. We dove right into the nitty gritty of drive and grit and what it takes to truly launch a multiple decade long career. The ability to problem solve, or micro-adjusting as Michael says, is the key to embracing failure. Michael shows us how he was in a life or death situation on a photoshoot anyhow it gave him perspective on how he embraces the F word: Failure.  To learn more about Michael go to MichaelClarkPhoto.com and check out his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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"Amazing how you are inspiring and moving people to get into action and work their dreams. You move mountains, my friend. 
Love you and what you are doing for the world."

- Tesz Millan


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