As a fine-art focused photographer, Daniel spends a great deal of time finding ways to combine his technology background with analog photography, giving him the opportunity to work in a variety of mediums, with his current focus being on palladium and platinum printing as well as wet-plate printing. Daniel lives the creative life to the fullest. In addition to running workshops and classes out of his studio, he is also a core faculty member of the Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle and an instructor for both Photoshop World and Creative Live. And if that weren’t enough Daniel hosts his weekly podcast called The Perceptive Photographer which focuses on the challenges and day-to-day aspects of living as a photographer. In our interview Daniel shares a fascinating story of how a mistake turned into a whole new genre of photography and how we need to embrace those mistakes in order to see the opportunity. To learn more about Daniel Gregory go to DanielJGregory.com and visit his Facebook and Twitter.



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"Thanks so much for all the incredible information you impart! Your generosity is overwhelming!!!"

— Elizabeth Davidson


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